Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something for Hadley

Miss Hadley had something specific in mind for her birthday dress, and I was tickled pink that her mom asked me to create it for her!!!!!

The fabric blossom on the dress is removable, and features both a pin and an alligator clip so it can be worn on the dress, in the hair or attached to a headband!

Matching deluxe bows!

Dress $20

Deluxe Bows $8

Available for custom order in your choice of colors!

For Miss Sophie

A friend ordered these to match her little girl's Navy blue Christmas dress. The whole time I was making them, I was picturing Sophie's light, light blond hair with the dark bows and dark dress. She is going to look so adorable for the holidays!

Deluxe bows available for custom order! $8.00/set of two.

An Order for Natalie's Niece

Natalie ordered this dress and onesie set to match a baby headband she had previously purchased. I love how the prints and colors turned out! The dress is roomy enough to wear during the winter over the ruffle-bustle onesie or as a sundress or top during the summertime. The blossom on the dress is removable, with a pin and an alligator clip on the back so it can be use as a hairclip or attached to a headband.

Dress and Ruffle-Bustle Onesie set - $25 in your choice of colors

Matching diaper covers are available for added versatility in the summertime - $5

Family Reunion Fashion!

My nieces and a sister-in-law helped me sew darling dresses, skirts, neckties and bowties for all the kids at our last family reunion. Sadly, we had one family unable to attend due to a sister-in-law who was just days away from delivering another nephew! So I packed a little something for them so they would feel not so left out of the festivites. A dress and hair blossom for H and some bowties for E & D.

Dresses and bowties are available in color/colors of your choice for custom order!

Dresses are $20 and come with a removable blossom with both a pin and an alligator clip on the back for versatility.

Bowties are $10 and feature a velcro closure.

I'm BACK!!!

It's been awhile. Like almost 3 years. (Really, was January 2009 that long ago? Crazy!) But here I am! I'll be posting some recent special orders. If you see something you love, you can order by contacting me through the email in the right column. Thanks for stopping by!