Friday, November 21, 2008


So here's a little story: I was in town the other day with the kids and I stopped in at a little local Christmas shop that sells art & crafts by locals. Caroline was wearing a pair of hairbows I had made her (see above) and the lady asked me if I sold them. I sortof brushed it off until we hit WalMart. As I was perusing the fabric department (as I frequently do) I happened across Nebraska Huskers grosgrain ribbon. I'm not a huge athletics fan, and really nobody in my immediate family is. But having lived in Nebraska for a couple of years, I have learned that there are a LOT of die-hard fans here. So I grabbed a couple of spools and thought, "Why the heck not?" So I've been selling cute Huskers hairbows at the little shop. Thought I'd branch out a little. I've got Christmas, Autumn, Camo and Western styles available with more coming soon!

All of my bows are hand-sewn so they won't fall apart and all edges are heat treated to prevent fraying. Most are on alligator clips but I do have a few snap clips available right now and will have more coming.

Here's a sample to take a gander at while I figure everything out and get this site up and running. (I have a 15 month old clinging to me right now and so setup of the rest of stuff will have to be on hold until I have another child-free moment.) If you have any questions, email me at Thanks for looking!